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Highlights of Sino-Pack:Young, Healthy, Smart, Trendy and Fun

Highlights of Sino-Pack: Young, Healthy, Smart, Trendy and Fun

From:2021/2/18 PRESS RELEASE

The 27th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack2021) cum 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO2021) will be held on March 4-6, 2021 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. 

Live exhibitions to seize business opportunities online and offline

Sino-Pack and PACKINNO have been based in South China for 27 years, they have witnessed the changes in the industry and have been developing and innovating all the way. A new year begins, Sino-Pack/ PACKINNO as a comprehensive platform matches the new sourcing time in March. This year, in addition to gathering people from the packaging, printing, and labeling industries at the exhibition halls in Guangzhou to learn about the latest information, obtain innovative product technologies and solutions, conduct business exchanges, and explore business opportunities, the exhibitions also strive to innovate by launching live exhibition online. Visitors who were unable to visit the exhibition halls would also have a chance to learn the latest or hot-selling equipment introduced by the premium exhibitors, so that they could enjoy the lively atmosphere of the show.


Four Show Highlights: Showing Young, Healthy, Smart and Trendy

Highlight 1: Rejuvenation & Rigid Packaging

The exhibition keeps up with the trend and caters to the Z generation market demand of "value-oriented, quantifiable, recyclable, and degradable", and newly created "flexible packaging containers and materials" and "flexible packaging printing technology and equipment" zones.

"Flexible Packaging Containers and Materials" zone involving overall packaging solutions, plastic packaging containers and materials, films, composite materials, bio-based, plant-based packaging materials, flexible packaging products and materials, and aluminum foil packaging materials. Representative exhibitors include: Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd., Dongguan Encolors Packing Co., Ltd., Wuhu Xinpingxing Package Industry Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Hansin New Packing Material Co., Ltd..

"Flexible Packaging Printing Technology and Equipment" zone will gather high-quality exhibitors such as Wenzhou Qiangtuo Machinery Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Weisheng Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Beide Meike Technology Machine Co., Ltd., and Wenzhou Lisheng Printing & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., to exhibit electronic shaft printing equipment, solvent-free composite equipment, flexible packaging equipment, consumables and related supporting services.

Highlight 2: Health x New Retail Health Food Packaging Zone

New retail strategy is coming. In order to fulfill the requirement of young people’s scientific, efficient, and interesting health awareness, "Packaging Production Line for Meal Replacement, Light Food, Functional Food and Drink" zone will display various packaging equipment such as vacuum packaging, pouch packaging, and granular packaging; "Functional Food Packaging Containers and Materials" zone will showcase food packaging materials with high barrier, strong sealing, improved shelf life, puncture resistance, and high-value appearance. The exhibition will fully demonstrate the convenient, younger packaging, and light up the health and health food value, representative exhibitors include Shanghai Acepack Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yusheng Packing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shantou Dachuan Machines Co., Ltd., Guangzhou All-Bloom Packing Machine Co., Ltd., Acmepak Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tangke New Package Material Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hengsheng Colour Printing Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Wuzhou Guolong Recyclable Resources Development Co., Ltd., Glory Tins Co., Ltd..


Highlight 3: Smart Production with Chinese-Packaging Equipment Companies

The new rising stars of Chinese-packaging equipment companies will bring a new round of technological revolution around the world, exhibiting cost-effective, high-quality, flexible and versatile products. Bekannter Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Bo Langte Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Warsonco Technology Co., Ltd., Galaxis Technology, Qkm Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., etc. will bring a series of smart automation equipment, practically and efficiently to help major enterprises to transform and upgrade.

Highlight 4: "New Forces New Product Week"

It is the first time to have a "New Forces New Product Week" zone at Hall 5.2 M90, gathers all the cutting-edge high-end products, shows the new strength of the packaging industry, leads the trend of innovation, and creates a communication platform to help business matching. Moreover, well-known companies such as Avient Corporate, BillerudKorsns, Anhui Jnd Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., Taizhou Huangyan Minpin Mould Co., Ltd. will show up new ideas in packaging design and the environmental, green and sustainable packaging materials.


Pre-register now, enjoy one-stop efficient sourcing

Sino-Pack/PACKINNO2021 will be held concurrently with Printing South China and Sino-Label, cover label printing equipment and materials, packaging printing and post-press equipment, and packaging equipment and solutions, packaging materials and products. This one-stop sourcing platform strives to provide printing and packaging manufacturers with supplier resources that are fitting market demand, cost-effective, stable and reliable and resolving production pain points to achieve every significant transformation with a small investment.

Pre-registration is now open, looking forward to your arrival on 4-6 March 2021 in Guangzhou, China.

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