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Right Food Packaging Material Selection

Right Food Packaging Material Selection

Helps Standing Out In The New Consuming Norm

With the constant improvement of living standards, people gradually raise food safety awareness. Food packaging is a crucial part of food processing, and the currently growing trends in food packaging materials are worth considering.

With the growth of today's science and technology, the types of food packaging materials are becoming increasingly diverse. Brands highly value the functionality of packaging materials, such as high barrier, strong sealing, improved shelf life, puncture resistance, and good looks. Those can effectively improve product shelf-life, reduce losses, and have a positive impact on product profits.

Nowadays, many food packaging material manufacturers and related scientific research institutions are increasing their efforts to improve food safety, reduce environmental pollution, develop and use natural polymer materials as raw materials to prepare environmentally friendly and biodegradable new packaging materials. In the future, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials will become the key trend in the packaging industry development, and green and nano packaging materials will be vigorously developed.

China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO2021) will be held again at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. Under the theme of "Innovation & Green Packaging in the Future," PACKINNO2021 highly focuses on packaging hotspots, gets the latest news of the industry, and gathers leading buyers and visitors, well-known companies to the exhibition. It is committed to creating a significant event for the packaging industry in Asia and providing a perfect trading platform for local and overseas enterprises.

Below are some recommended PACKINNO2021 star exhibitors.

Ace Plastics (Zhuhai) Company Limited (Booth: 5.2B17)
Produce all kinds of containers, high barrier cups, lids, and other rigid plastic packaging products. It has 12 plastic packaging production bases in China, with manufacturing capabilities such as R&D, injection molding, blow molding, and integrated thermoforming. Their product application fields include food, beverage, daily chemical, health care, and industrial goods.

Guangdong Longxing Packing Industrial Co., Ltd. (Booth: 5.2B11)

Produce hygienic, environmentally friendly in-mold labeling and thermoformed plastic containers, apply to products of ice cream, yogurt, beverages, biscuits, candies, fresh fruits, condiments, fast food, vegetables, fresh meat, and daily necessities.

Shanghai SUNKEA Packaging Co., Ltd (Booth: 5.2D05)

Its disposable paper bowls are suitable for holding salads and other foods. The paper bowl’s inner wall has PE coating or PLA degradable coating, which is oil-proof and waterproof. The food-grade thick paper is environmental protection and recyclable.

Anhui JND Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd (Booth: 5.2M90-3)

The electric toothpaste pump has the convenience and novelty brought by electric power and introduced the concept of toothpaste replacement with a replacement pack.  The cost of the replacement pack is competitive.

The portable powder pump bottle is scoopless and quantitative. This solution solves the three major problems of inconvenience, unsafe, and unsanitary when carrying milk powder. Its high tightness would allow milk powder companies to create better milk formula.

Milk powder electric quantitative pumping system is high sealing, accurate adjustment of milk powder output, and reusable. The premium version creates an interactive platform via an APP between brand owners and consumers.

Chengdu H&X Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. (Booth: 5.2S19)

The film label is suitable for mineral water’s outer packaging, soft drinks, fruit juice, daily chemical products, dairy products, etc.

PVC/PET/OPS shrink sleeve label is suitable for the outer packaging of fruit juice, softdrinks, mineral water, daily chemicals, food, etc.

The lamination Bag (food packing bag) is suitable for seasonings, frozen foods, biscuits, candies, etc.

Zhongshan Chengzhan Lu:Su Composite Packaging Co., Ltd  (Booth: 5.2E08)

Aluminum foil gasket has excellent characteristics such as anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, anti-moisture (anti-leakage), anti-tear, no peculiar smell, impact resistance, no dissolution, no threshing, and prolonged product storage period. It can be packaged with a variety of bottles in different materials and specifications use.

The aluminum foil lunch box has the characteristics of light material, high barrier properties, UV resistance, moisture and corrosion resistance, and long shelf life. It is more in line with modern people's environmental protection and health concepts.

Automatic packaging film

Huizhou City Xiang Xin Can Co., Ltd. (Booth: 5.2G23)

Tin cans and tinplate cans packaging is professional customized packaging of various cans products.

Dongguan Kbd Pulp Molding Packaged Products Co., Ltd (Booth: 5.2H28)

Wet pressing process and various dyed pulp trays

Dry pressing

material industry has entered a period of "dynasty change." Not only green, healthy, and safe food packaging materials have been put into use, but more functional packaging materials have also attracted the attention of many brands. PFP Expo, as a comprehensive exhibition of the entire industry chain of printing, labeling, and packaging, and products, suits you to seize market opportunities.


Practical. Innovation. Sustainability

PACKINNO will be held concurrently with Sino-Pack, Printing South China, and Sino-Label, with an exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and an expected number of exhibitors to reach 1,600. This 4-In-1 exhibition creates you a printing, packaging, labeling, and packaging materials hub.

For more information, please visit:

Website: www.ChinaSinoPack.com/ www.PACKINNO.com

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