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Amcor develops Packpyrus packaging with recyclable paper laminate

From:Packaging News

Amcor has worked with Belgium-based processed meat and chilled ready meals producers to revamp Packpyrus, a paper-based base-web packaging.

Packpyrus is used to package proceeded meat products and is now recyclable in existing paper streams in Belgium.

The paper laminate contains 85% paper fibres from FSC certified sources, replacing the classic and non-recyclable APET/PE bottom webs. This means that Packpyrus can be sorted in the paper streams in Belgium and contributes to the production of recycled paper. This solution delivers a 52% reduction in non-renewable primary energy and a 56% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to the current plastic APET/PE structure, according to Amcor.

Paul De Kock, sales director, De Keyser, said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability issues, expecting their brands to keep up with their changing attitudes. Packpyrus is the perfect packaging for these environmentally conscious consumers. It contains 85% paper from renewable resources and can be recycled in Belgium in the paper stream. De Keyser partners with leading retailers across Belgium and Packpyrus is excellent opportunity for us to increase our presence on stores shelves with this revamped, sustainable meat packaging”.

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