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ULMA launches sterile flow pack for medical sector
From:Packaging News

ULMA Packaging UK is continuing its track record of pack innovation with the launch of a new, easy-to-open flow pack package for the medical sector.

The specialist packaging machinery manufacturer’s new solution features two hermetic seals along the packaging’s sides and a chevron-type airtight cross sealing, addressing contamination concerns in medical packaging.

Specifically, the design allows sterile products to be removed from packaging without contamination due to microorganisms and particles. These particles, which may migrate from the packaging’s exterior during the removal process, could previously pose a risk to patient health.

However, the design of the new ULMA solution means that the entire product can be opened without coming into contact with such particles, eliminating the possibility of contamination. The package is sealed without leaks, has a leak-proof guarantee and also uses a peelable film with already-integrated Tyvek or paper panels to enable ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilisation.

ULMA said the new flow pack solution is also highly versatile, and can be used to package differently sized products with quick and easy format changes. Because the packaging adjusts to the product’s dimensions, manufacturers can therefore avoid the greater logistical costs and film use associated with traditional oversized packaging.

“Keeping products from contamination while removing them from their packaging is a common and ongoing concern in the medical sector,” said Dave Berriman, technical manager at ULMA Packaging UK. “Consequently, a need arose to develop a solution that would allow the product to remain sterile during unpackaging.

“The new easy-to-open flow pack packages from ULMA mitigate a major contamination risk. They offer versatility for a wide range of different products, are leak-proof through longitudinal sealing, and are designed with EtO sterilisation in mind. Furthermore, they also allow manufacturers to make savings on packaging materials and costs.”

“Such innovative design makes these easy-to-open flow pack solutions an ideal choice for medical manufacturers looking to ensure product and device integrity. Not only does this type of packaging remove the possibility of contamination, they also provide added sustainability benefits and a high level of adaptability.”

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