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Tetra Pak turns focus to paper straws and plant-based materials
From: Packaging News

Tetra Pak is aiming for a long-term plan to produce packaging only from plant-based material, according to one of its senior managers. 


The global packaging firm started field testing of its paper straws for beverage products with its European customers, and will share its technology with the industry.

Speaking to Packaging News, Riccardo Castagnetti, director, portfolio planning & strategy at Tetra Pak, said carton giant spends around €400m on R&D across all parts of the business, and wanted to encourage industrial collaboration on alternatives to single-use plastic.

“Choosing not to apply for a patent for the design was not a difficult decision for us. Our decision is based on our vision to create packaging only from plant based material, which is why we developed a paper straw alternative to meet our ambition to deliver a package that contributes to a low carbon circular economy while not compromising our strict food safety and ease-of-use requirements.”

Castagnetti said Tetra Pak is currently an ‘international beverage brand’ and a leading international retailer field testing the new paper straw in two locations.

He added that the company is working with specialists in different areas such as material specification and sourcing, manufacturing, application, and distribution for the paper straw.

“Our objective is to ensure our straws comply with food safety requirements while minimising environmental impact. To achieve this, we have made the Tetra Pak paper straw recyclable along with the rest of the package. We will continue communicating to consumers the importance of pushing the straw back in the pack to help collection and recycling and prevent littering.”
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