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Cannasafe Child-Resistant Packaging for Aluminum Cans

From:Packaging Strategies

Growpacker Inc., a contract manufacturer of THC and CBD-infused edibles and beverages in the U.S., has launched Cannasafe, a child-resistant lid for aluminum cans containing THC-infused beverages.

The patent-pending Cannasafe lid is the first of many packaging innovations Growpacker plans to deliver to the market, to help brands ensure compliance and to help the legal cannabis industry grow responsibly.

The Cannasafe lid — engineered, molded and patented by Growpacker — fits any standard 2.02 can end. The lid provides a resealable c"hild-Resistant Closure (CRC) solution that's both water and air tight. Additionally, the lid is engineered to allow for four and six pack holders that snap into the gap between the cap and ring.

The State of California will require child-resistant packaging on all THC-infused products by 2020. As the THC-infused beverage category continues to expand, the Cannasafe lid will meet the conformity requirements and production criteria of many states and brands.

Cannasafe lids can be purchased with custom colors to match the branding of the intended artwork. Custom colors are available in most Pantone colors.

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