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Macsa sees demand for laser coding from fruit & veg producers
From:Packaging News

Macsa ID UK is reporting increasing demand for laser coding technology from fruit and vegetable producers.

The sector requires consistent quality and fast and accurate identification of production batches in the event of a product recall.

Macsa ID UK offers a range of laser coding technologies specially designed to handle different substrates and materials.

Its laser coders have been developed to ensure the traceability of fruit and vegetables from ‘farm to fork’, to properly track and verify every step of the distribution of produce and identify their origin if necessary.

The company’s systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including marking on fruit and vegetable trays and processes such as cutting or micro perforation of plastic film to ensure the circulation of air inside fruit containers such as strawberries.

Macsa ID UK’s HPD CO2 lasers offer high performance and optimum definition, and are mainly used in packaging, pre-cutting and packaging micro-perforation, as well as high definition coding.

Pre-cutting laser systems are used to pre-cut and cut films in flexible packaging production. Micro perforation laser systems perforate plastic film for fresh foods and make the packaging porous allowing products to continue maturing and ultimately extend shelf life.

It also leads to savings in primary packaging and represents a sustainable coding system by not using consumables or materials.

In addition, Macsa said this technique enhances brand impact and on-shelf appeal.

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